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Life is not always easy...

Sometimes life gets too complicated for us to deal with all alone.  When this happens, we need to talk to someone.  We need help from someone, who has an objective viewpoint and asks questions we may have overlooked and offers insights we may not have considered.


When you need to talk to someone, the First Christian Church Pastoral Counseling Ministry works to provide the following:


♦ A Pastoral Counseling Ministry provided free of charge.


♦ An atmosphere that provides recognition of each person as valued by God.

♦ The Pastoral Counseling Ministry is respectful of each person’s faith and practice.


♦ The Pastoral Counseling process is supportive and focused on improving relationships and one’s ability to cope with life.

♦ The Pastoral Counseling Ministry is offered by a minister or mental health worker, who is in good standing with his/her church.  

♦ The Pastoral Counseling Ministry will develop trusting and helpful relationships with other counselors, pastors, and persons in the helping professions.

♦ Pastoral Counseling is a ministry that assists in fulfilling the purpose of the church.


To make an appointment, call 903-675-3730 between 8:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. Monday through Wednesday.

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