T.G.I.Father's Day

The sermon title for this coming up Sunday June 20, 2021 is “TGIFather’s Day” based on Romans 8:16-17. You’ve all heard TGIF – acronym for Thank God It’s Friday – But I’m changing the “F” to stand for Father’s Day – Thank God It’s Father’s Day. I’m glad there is a Father’s Day. Even though it isn’t as celebrated or special as Mother’s Day, it still gives us a chance to honor those who stand at the helm of their home, who gather their team in a huddle, and who lead their family through life’s battles. To be a good father you need a model, an example of a father that you can pattern yourself after. Where do you find such a father? Together, we will see what we can learn about being a father by looking at God, the perfect Father.

I hope you will join our service this Sunday for worship in our sanctuary or via Facebook Live as our church shares a time of praise and study of God’s word. Remember, I’m so glad to STILL be the pastor of “Loving People Loving God.”