Last Words of David

This Sunday, July 18th will be the second week of my final sermon series I’m Calling “Last Words.” We are looking at the final words of the four leading Biblical characters: Moses, David, Jesus, and Paul. David was known as “A Man After God’s Own Heart.” He was handsome, popular, a musician and poet, an exceptional leader, a king, but David was also, like all mankind, flawed. David came to the end of his life and wanted to encourage his people with words that warns them of the importance of having a leader who is righteous. He also knew the importance of warning his people to be evangelistic in sharing God’s love with the ungodly. As this church faces obvious transitional moments, I’m praying that you will choose God’s leader who is righteous. I also pray that you, as God’s people, will realize the necessity of everyone being an evangelist in sharing the saving grace of Jesus as you continue to be “Loving People Loving God.”

I hope you will join our service this Sunday for worship in our sanctuary or via Facebook Live as our church shares a time of praise and study of God’s word. Remember, I’m so glad to STILL be the pa

stor of “Loving People Loving God.”