Integrity: Say and Do What’s Right May 30, 2021

We're beginning a new series called “Integrity: Say and Do What’s Right.” The sermon title is “Integrity Fundamental” based on Psalm 112:1-10. This series is kind of an integrity primer, you might say. We'll be looking at three passages in Psalms that show us how to build a life of integrity. Do you want to live a life of integrity? Surrender yourself today — and every day of your life — to the Lordship of Jesus Christ and get into his Word. Decide that you will delight in his commands—that you will take pleasure in doing right, not just in the areas that come naturally to you, but in every area across the board. Decide that you want to be a person of integrity — fully human, fully alive, fully whole.

I hope you will join our service this Sunday for worship in our sanctuary or via Facebook Live as our church shares a time of praise and study of Go

d’s word. Remember, I’m so glad to STILL be the pastor of “Loving People Loving God.”