A God Who Dies

Behold the Man - Lent Sermon 6

John 19:30-37

Why has God become man? Why does God have flesh? Why does God have a heart that beats, lungs that breathe, a brain with nerve cells that fire? All of this only to die? His heart beats so that it can stop beating. His lungs draw in breaths and exchange oxygen for carbon dioxide so that they can fill with fluid and stop taking in breath. His brain conducts an electrochemical symphony so that it can stop abruptly before the final act. His eyes see so that they can be blind. His ears hear so they can be deaf. His hands work so they can be pinned to a wooden cross. His blood courses through His veins so it can flow down the post of a torture device and leave a crimson stain in the dirt at a place named “Skull.” God became man so that He can die—die for you!