A God With a Mother

Behold the Man - Lent Sermon 4

John 19:25–27 To say that God and man are one in Jesus is not to say that Jesus has always been a fully-grown man. We know that, of course, because we celebrate His nativity, but His incarnation didn’t begin at His birth. His taking on human flesh was a full nine months earlier, when the eternal Second Person of the Trinity, whom time and space cannot contain, united Himself to a single human zygote cell and became a fertilized egg. At that moment, Mary became a mother and God became man. To confess that Mary is the “Mother of God” is to say nothing about

Mary and to say everything about her child. This blessed Virgin, the Mother and servant of God allowed the embryo, the fetus of divinity to live in her. And the infant, the toddler, the little boy, the adolescent, the teenager, the young man became the man upon the cross who is truly God. And now, as He hangs dying on the cross, the prophecy Simeon gave to Mary, that a sword would pierce her own soul as well, is being fulfilled. And in this hour of His suffering and her grief, He handed His mother into the care of His beloved disciple. Jesus cares for her who has cared for Him.