Mountain Top Glory

Getting to Know Jesus—What Jesus Said and Did Luke 9:28-36

Barbara and I enjoyed a “Mountain Top Experience” at sea level. We went to our annual Galena Park Choir Reunion at Port Lavaca, right on the Texas gulf. It was wonderful to see our good friends from days past and eat some wonderful fresh seafood, but it was better to have the chance to worship with beautiful choral music and fellowship with Christian brothers and sisters. Mountain top experiences are those moments when we feel God’s presence in a glorious and powerful way. It might be on a mountain top, or at the ocean, or at the Grand Canyon, or even in your own home church. The transfiguration story of Christ was a mountaintop experience for Peter, James, and John. We will look to see how we can spend enough time on the mountaintop in worship and enough time in the valley in service so that we experience the glory of God and allow it to transform us and empower us to bring glory to God.