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November 18 Sermon - God's Faithfulness


Life Stabilized In His Greatness

Psalm 145

We have a tendency to focus, all too much and all too often, on the unfaithfulness of the world. There is so much wrong in the world around us, so much heartbreak, so much hate, so much violence and deceit. And sometimes that's all we can see. And we ask ourselves, "God, why does it have to be this way?" We have a tendency, all too much and all too often, to focus on our own struggles with faithfulness. The desire within is to be holy, but we are not holy. The desire within us is to do good, but like Paul we don’t. It is a challenge to take your eyes off the world, and take your eyes off yourself, and take your eyes off your problems and your failed expectations, but it is possible to learn to focus your life becoming stabilized in His great faithfulness and begin to sing from your soul, “Great Is Thy Faithfulness.”