October 21 Sermon - Focused Heart

FOCUSED HEART My Heart’s True Home: God Filling Life To Overflowing Acts 13:14-23

Focusing on God's presence in the quiet solitude of your prayer closet is a wonderful thing, and it should be part of your daily spiritual journey. Worshipping God in the beauty of his sanctuary is a wonderful thing, and it, too, should be a key part of your spiritual journey. But there is a deeper level to be focused on God, which we all must be willing to pursue: That is to be focused on God's heart — to devote your life to doing that which matters most to him. Focusing on God means that we say: God, I need your presence in my life; I need your power, your protection, and your provision and I want to live my life according to your priorities, because that which matters most to you, matters most to me.