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Sept. 23 Sermon - Complacency Cure

There is an attitude you will often encounter in many areas of life. It's an attitude that says, "Good enough is good enough, and right in the middle is not a bad place to be. Everything you do doesn't have to be perfect. There's no need to be a fanatic about anything. It's best just to settle for what you've got and let it go at that." You see this attitude in businesses that provide a product that is just barely good enough to keep their doors open. You see it in marriages where one or both partners do only as much as is necessary to keep the relationship afloat. You see it in sports franchises where teams and fans settle for year after year of second place or third place. And you see it in the church, this attitude that says, "Good enough is good enough. We're in a comfortable place. Attendance isn't bad. We're paying our bills. We have a pleasant fellowship. God wants for his church, and his people to reign in life, not merely settle for a cozy little spot in the middle, while we congratulate ourselves and criticize everyone else. He doesn't want you in the middle. He wants you to rise your way to the top, everyday.

of your life.