Sunday's Sermon - August 12 - "Off Time"

The Value of Hard Times: Getting Stronger and Closer to God

Exodus 20:9-11

When people work day-in, day-out for weeks and months on end, their performance level continues to drop and the worker becomes emotionally burned-out. God didn't intend for us to live like this. As far as God is concerned, the fourth commandment —"Remember the Sabbath"— is just as important as the other nine. In fact, this commandment contains a total of 94 words, far more than any of the other commandments, as if God went into detail on this one so that we could get it right! It's unfortunate that we have ignored or abused his exhortation for us to remember the Sabbath. As a result, our lives have become cluttered and hectic, and we have lost sight of our spiritual priorities. God gave you the Sabbath. It's not a day of oppression, binding you to a bunch of silly rules and regulations. He gave you the Sabbath to help you live a life more focused, more productive, and more centered on him.